Are you a birth professional and ready to be part of Savannah Birth & Baby?

​We're so excited to have you on board! Here's what you need to know about membership: 

  • Membership is open to anyone that serves the mission of
    Savannah Birth & Baby

  • Membership is $180/year or $15/month

  • Join our Facebook group, exclusively for Birth Professionals.
    No membership needed!



  • Your business information will be displayed on the Savannah Birth & Baby website

  • Social media advertising via Savannah Birth & Baby

  • Introductory blog post on the Savannah Birth & Baby blog as well as unlimited guest posts, you provide the content and we publish it!


  • Free monthly networking events

  • A FREE booth at the Savannah Birth & Baby Expo with over 400 people in attendance at the 2019 expo.

  • We refer member businesses. Word of mouth and direct referrals come from being a valued member of Savannah Birth & Baby.


  • Provide expert content in your field and raise your reputation with the local birth community

  • Elevate your credibility by collaborating with a group of vetted birth professionals

  • Associate your brand with Savannah Birth & Baby, Savannah's inaugural group for birth and postpartum support


  • Your investment helps further the mission of Savannah Birth & Baby: to provide resources to the Savannah, Georgia region, both for birth professionals and the public birth community in the form of support groups, education and connections with local providers.


  • You have the opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation once a year during the monthly meetings to tell other professionals about what
    you do


  • Exclusive offers for certifications

  • Learn from other birth professionals every month on a variety of birth and postpartum topics


  • Membership dues are tax-deductible

  • Professional headshots offered twice a year

  • Marketing guidance

  • Build your own referral network of trusted birth professionals

Be in the know.