Become a professional member of Savannah Birth & Baby in 4 easy steps

Are you interested in becoming a professional member of Savannah Birth & Baby and want to know more about the process?

It's simple! We've outlined the steps below for you:

  1. Reach out to us via email at Tell us a little bit about yourself, what services you offer and why you'd like to become a member of Savannah Birth & Baby.

  2. Set up your payment plan. Membership is $15/month or $180/year.

  3. Sign up to receive email updates. Stay informed about what's happening in the Savannah Birth & Baby Professional Community by signing up for email updates.

  4. Get noticed! Use this form to submit your head shot and tell us a little bit more about yourself. We'll publish a blog about you and your services that you can share with your tribe on social media. We'll put your information on the providers page of the website as well.

Get involved and get the most out of your membership!

With regular monthly meetings, various educational classes hosted by other birth professionals and events happening around Savannah, there's plenty of ways to connect with other birth professionals and potential clients.

For some ideas of how to get the most out of your membership, check out this blog post.

Be in the know.