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Meet the Birth Professional: Brandie Finnegan, Birth & Family Photographer

Brandie is a birth and family photographer serving the Savannah area. She owns Brandie Finnegan Photography + Films. We asked her a couple of questions recently to help get to know her better.

What do you do in your role?

I preserve memories for families in the form of photographs and video. I help families capture all the details from the day of their baby's birth so that they can relax and remain present and focused on each other. It is an honor for me each and every time, and I care deeply about the families I work with. Birth is a vulnerable and intimate event, and being invited into the that space is not something I take on lightly.

What is your favorite problem to solve for your clients?

My favorite problem to solve for the families I work with is helping them capture all those fleeting details of their children's lives. As busy parents, we oftentimes feel like we will soon forget the sights and feelings from our baby's birth day or the quirks of our kids at their current ages, so I love that my photographs will allow them to travel back to that exact moment in time for years to come. I love to show the love and connection between families. My hope is that seeing their families through my images and films will inspire them and will fill theirs hearts with gratitude for their family.

What is a success story you've had in your role?

Last year, I met with a couple who were wanting to document their pregnancy and birth. The husband was hesitant about wanting to hire a photographer, but agreed nonetheless because he knew how much his wife wanted to document this time in their lives. I documented a maternity, birth, and newborn session for this family and in addition to photographs, I also created a birth film for them. After it was all done, the wife expressed how thankful her husband was that they had decided to hire me. They spent hours going through all of the photographs I had given them and were thrilled with my work and were happy to have had a positive experience even though they had begun the process with some hesitation.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, and spending time with my family.

What is a helpful tip you'd like to share with the local birth community?

I would encourage all expecting or new parents to always trust their gut and make decisions based on what is best for their OWN family. There are many people in your life who will give their opinions or suggestions, but ultimately the most important feelings to consider are yours and your partner's because those are the ones that matter most.

For more information about Brandie and the services she offers, check out her website.


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